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MIPEC - The solution for in house PCB prototyping

Mipec is trademark of P2J Technology, s.r.o. from Czech republic. P2J Technology is specialized in developing and manufacturing of precise PCB milling machines and other products for PCB prototyping that meets highest of customer’s demands.

Mipec machines are assembled in Czech republic using only top quality components made in Germany and Czech republic, manufactured under very strict quality rules. This ensures the top quality and reliability of the end product. Mipec produces most of the machine parts, mechanical and electronic components as well as our software and firmware. This unique combination means that spare parts are always available and can be sent, almost immediately to the customer.

We at Mipec strive to help and support our customers. We are still available on telephone or e-mail and our technicians are able to help you with any problem. TrackMaker is equipped with remote assistance software, so we can also connect to your machine remotely and solve problems on-the-fly regardless of where you are in the world.

Beside the machines, we offer a wide range of tools, drills, accessories and other equipment for PCB prototyping like SMD manipulators and reflow ovens. Do you need a customized solution? No problem, we can sit down and hear what you have to say.

TrackMaker - an integrated insulation and machine control package dedicated
for PCB milling.

PCB milling machine 4MILL300ATC

Automatic toolchange machine for PCB milling and drilling MIPEC 4MILL300ATC. Read more...