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With a MIPEC PCB prototyping solutions, you can produce PCBs in your own lab – fast, environmentally friendly, and with high accuracy. It is no more necessary to wait days or weeks for your boards to be delivered from your external suppliers. With MIPEC prototyping method , you can proceed directly from the design phase to the implementation and testing of your design in the shortest possible period. If any design error is discovered, a new PCB can be produced almost immadiately and you can run your tests again.

MIPEC's prototyping solutions have numerous advantages:

  • You will reduce fabrication of your PCB prototypes from weeks to just a few hours,
  • You are absolutely independent from external PCB suppliers,
  • Your flexibility will increase enormly,
  • You will reduce your time to market, 
  • Your design stays inside the company for increased security.

Printed circuits boards milling and drilling machines 4MILL

We proudly present 4MILL CNC multipurpose machine for PCB prototyping, front panel making and 3D modeling. Make your double-sided PCB’s in minutes using 4MILL. Thanks to its hi-precision leadscrews and 60K HF spindle motor we can handle standard PCB designs, SMD, RF and various other applications. Do you need holes from 0.2mm and/or tracks and insulations from 0.1mm? 4MILL is the machine for you! Read more...

SMD manipulator MIPEC 4PLACE

SMD manipulator MIPEC 4PLACE was specially developed for placing components over the prototype PCB. System can be improved by additional dispensing head or camera with LCD display, which allows you preceize and fast placing. Wide range of accessories for different components packages makes 4PLACE a compact placing systems for your lab. Read more...

Reflow oven 4SOLDER

Small toptable reflow oven used for soldering of prototype PCBs or low volume production. It is small but powerful enought to solder all applications with solderpasteor just to cure the SMT glue. Reflow oven 4SOLDER can be connected with your tablet or smartphone by bluetooth and with application you can controll soldering proces, or modify the reflow profile. Read more...